PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP vs PRESIDENT ENRIQUE PENA NIETO….also Beyonce knocked up , Obama just won’t go away  and the U.A.E ….

Why not! President Trump is right, if the Mexican government isn’t prepared to deal with the “bad honbres ” in drug cartels in Mexico maybe it is time to send in the troops. Think of the amount of deaths and families ruined from the poison that has flowed across the Mexican/America boarder in the last 100 years . President Trump made this suggestion in a light hearted way to Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto in an hour long conversation that the two had. As for the wall it could be finished in as near as two years time. Finally an American president has the balls to say yes we have a drug problem and we going to deal with it by cutting off the snakes head.

The majority of Mexican people as good, kind, hard working people who just want a better life but Mexico has let itself slip into a complete and utter shit hole by allowing drug cartels and dodgy politicians rule the day. Think about this, Los Angeles is just 100 miles or less from the Mexican boarder….Los Angeles home of the billionaires ….Mexico, same weather, same beachs , same everything really, but is a complete dump because the few are out stripping the needs of the many. Mexico could be one of the greatest and richest countries in the world if it just turned it’s back on the drug cartels and dodgy politicians….trust me there is enough drugs getting into America by other means rather than Mexico flooding in market and thus gangs killing each other over a few dollars. Also if the supply of drugs into America is less that means quality and price will go up…so junkie and dealer happy alike ….

Facebook is set to realese a TV app that will allow you to have something like amazon prime but from Facebook . With its live video section ( which people have killed themselves on) getting more and more popular this just the next step for that prick  Zuckerberg. But here’s the worrying thing for me….all new 4k TV’S now either come with a camera built in or have a USB port to connect a camera to the TV. In order to get your warranty you need to sign the ” terms and conditions ” ( which of course none of us ever read because we can understand them  and we need the warranty) but in these terms and conditions is a sneaky little bastard of a sentence in words to the effect of ” be careful what you say as you re TV is watching you” I shit you not. Once your new TV is connected to the Internet the camera and mic can be turned on remotely and computer programs are then used to search for buzz words that relate to terrorism or basically anything the intelligence community of the world don’t like. So do you think letting Facebook into you living room 24/7 is a good idea….I ll let you decide.

Iran has test fired a cruise missile that is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The missile is called the ” sumar”and may have a range of up to 3000km. This is just like North Korea…. a country that needs jobs, health, roads, and basically a whole fucking rebuilding and like North Korea…Iran decides no, instead of spending our money on helping the people of our country let’s piss it all away on building a fucking missile. It’s just plain nonsense. This comes as even the U.A.E.  came out and supported president Trump’s restrictions on entry to America. If you ve nothing wrong done you have nothing to worry about, because most of the Muslims are good people but the wackos gotta be contained. Even since the restrictions were put in place over 1500 immigrants have been left into America all vetted and passed….is it working….yes.

For some God awful reason people seem to care more about Beyonce being knocked up than what is going on in the world around them. So for all of you who don’t know, Beyonce is knocked with twins…fuck sake…news!!!

Finally can Obama please just go away, the good old Obama family are now on holidays with Richard Branson. Why….fuck knows….maybe Obama will try to become president again from outer space with Madonna giving him head as Michelle whips out her big …..

There is loads of other things happening but I can’t find the time to cover them all. Matthew McConauhey has said ” give  Trump a chance” ….lefties and trendies on campuses across America are destroying they re own universities in a vain attempt to protest at something but it doesn’t seem to dawn on them that” hey we gotta get a degree from here so if we burn it down how do we get the degree ” lefties and trendies are so fucking stupid.A manger  at a Dairy Queen  faces a manslaughter change after a teen committed suicide because of bullying at work….and fucking dam right. Bullies are the scum of the earth, we at 187 fight them daily for people for free, no one should have to live in fear. This is our 187th blog post today and we are running sometimes 3 days ahead of the main stream media in certain stories. The fight continues and we are on the front line. We are just the door it’s up to you to open it

So until tomorrow guys and gals….keep your head in the game, the world is turning and if you blink you might just miss it….

Love you all guys and gals 
Here’s the original  ” Boo you whore” herself, a woman I forgot got about…. the beautiful…. Rachel Mcadams 

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