Why would you want Kristen Stewart to host Saturday night live. She’s just not funny….never was and never will be. She is just one of those actresses that has one thing they do ( in her case “I’m a misunderstood girl” and does that stupid look). She made a few fuck ups that didn’t really go down to well with the production crews as they had to edit on the fly and take out her nonsense as the crowd sat 3 feet from her asking themselves ” why the fuck did I choose tonight to come to Saturday night live”.

So Kristen blasted Trump and went on about how gay she is but in reality who cares . Twilight was years ago and both Hollywood and the masses are sick of her stupid face actions and fashionable gayness. So actors don’t like President Trump and dont want to work in protest….well it ain’t going to effect Kristen Stewart much because well….where the work. Another asshole who was on Saturday night live was Barrack Obama …while president…so any loser can host it  plus it’s not funny any more.

A fucking Syrian refugee is sueing Facebook for not getting fake pictures of him down fast enough. This guy took a selfie with the refugees favourite friend Merkel. So there it is refugee and refugee lover in selfie and some bad person made a joke….welcome to the west fucko.  Mr refugee, here in the west we can laugh at ourselves….we can make jokes and we don’t beat women if they smile or behead people for being gay….in other words you sad bastard if you don’t like how things are done here fuck off back to Syria… sure Germany doesn’t remember your invite anyway. So now we ve got refugees with enough money to sue Facebook….think about that.

Seeing as the Queen of England is celebrating 65 years rule….it only right and proper we write about her grandson and his complete freak of a girlfriend. Yes the ginger nut….Harry …has been dating Meghan Markle from Canada. This is a woman who got run down by own her family when they said ” she is nothing but a gold digger and is only looking for fame from Harry ” or words to that effect, not that Harry has much of a brain either….he dressed up as a nazi one Halloween. So anyway they re first official outing together will be at Pippa Middletons wedding….big news. I don’t like royals much because once you study them some of the stuff that you learn you cant unlearn and it will make to sick. So to recap Harry is bringing Meghan to a wedding….who cares.

Lady gaga seems to have nailed her half time performance at the superbowl. OK so Beyonce has already taken a stab at her over…well…fuck knows….but from all accounts it was dam good performance.  I didn’t see it myself as I completely forgot the superbowl was on but well done Lady Gaga….respect from 187.

Before I go I want to thank everyone who sent best wishes and get well soon messages over the last few days….I ve been very very sick ( that’s why todays blog is  not up to usual par) it’s been very hard time health wise and I’m not outa the woods but I can walk now
So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for Kristen Stewart she might try to talk at you…

Here’s one of the sexy nut jobs from “knock knock”….Ana de Armas

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