So we ‘re back. Yes the new site debuts on Monday but we here at 187 were so sickened by the world media that we just had to come back early. The world seems to be going nuts because a white house aide put her feet up on the yellow couch in the oval office….all I say about that is…can u imagine what Bill Clinton did on that couch or George Bush cut up on it or wtf ever Obama was into with that chick with a dick did on it…so please if a woman’s feet on a couch offends you…. you are in desperate need of a sex life.

Also this nonsense about the Oscars….who gives a fuck!!! The Oscars is the biggest collection of gimps on the planet in one place at any one time. I mean it’s so bad that the little green men from mars once a year  have discuss weather or not to blow up the planet after watching the Oscars . It didn’t matter who got best film….both fucking films where shit anyway. It’s all celebrities pathing each other on the back without telling you that they spend more than they make per year in order to ” stay known”. This is why Porta Gregor readers and 187 supporters will always be better than these ” celebrities “….we are a movement that says ” it’s ok to fuck up, it’s ok to wear what you want, it’s ok to be who you want…..and most of all  its ok to not take shit from anyone and fight back”. We ‘re not going to be royalty we re not going to all be famous ….but we will never be fucked with….which would you  prefer.

So the news…..Sir Rod Stewart, what a fucking miserable piece of shit ( he is probably going to try and sue us now….but we ‘re a step ahead….we don’t have anything…haha So fuck you) Why is Sir Rod a miserable piece of shit well he went on holidays to Abu Dhabi with Penny Lancaster  ( who looks like living proof of life after death) and a bunch of his asshole friends. So he leads them on a single file march across the desert  ( just like ISIS ) and then pushed one of his friends down on his knees, grabs his hair pulls back his head back and pretends to cut his throat like Jihad John. Wtf….i mean double  wtf….Sir Rod found all this so funny that he recorded it and put it online!!!! Think of all the families who have lost members to beheadings, or think about what it must feel like to have your head hacked off….. and this miserable piece of shit finds it funny. This is the face of what gets knighthoods from the queen…..i hope I’m never offered a knighthood because I don’t want to have to offend the queen by wiping my arse with the knighthood offer and then writing ” return to sender on it.

Meet Viny. This tool wants to be a genderless alien….i shit you not…he has paid over $110k so far on 16 procedures to turn himself into a genderless  alien . And now plans to spend $160K more on getting his balls cut off. Now I don’t don’t really give a shit that this guy thinks he is an alien, that’s his business, but when you want to get your balls cut off to be an alien….is this not a cry for help or saying I need help. Instead of spending another $160k on getting his dick cut off he might try seeking a therapist.

If you have ever heard of the gang MS-13 you ‘ll know these guys are hard bad motherfuckers. But two members took it to a whole new level of hard-core yesterday when they are alleged to have raped and killed a 14 year old girl in an attempt to make a demon happy. When these two guys were arrested they would not leave the apartment until one of them lit a cigarette for the shrine to the demon. MS-13 are known for dishing out hard-core punishment for the slightest thing….tie that in with satanic stuff and you ‘ve got a nightmare on your doorstep. With over 1000 members in 46 states in America I ‘ve got to wonder how much more of this is going on. With the world getting smaller with smart phones and Wi-Fi everywhere there has been a massive rise in satanic ritual stuff because the info is now more available than ever. Have we lost our religions so much that people are turning to this shit….we here at 187 don’t care who or what you call god ….but our god never needed a 14 year old girl to be raped and killed!

When you go to college you expect to go to wild parties right….but what happens when there is one stupid fucker there who want to be the centre of attention… know the type…the fucking loser no one likes but tells old jokes and is generally an annoying wanker. Well thats what happened at one frat party in America. A guy fell asleep at the party, it happens and you such expect stuff to be done to you like dicks drawn on you and stuff… but enter the attention seeker wanker. Knowing that the guy who fell asleep was allergic to peanuts, which can kill you, this attention seeking loser coated the guys face in peanut butter…..why the fuck would you do that….it can kill the guy and almost did. We all like to party, we all like to fuck around and have fun but doing this kinda shit… stupid do you need to be. I hope when the guy recovers that he gives the loser the attention he needs….at the end of a baseball bat. 

Ed Sheeran has never had a fight with his girlfriend…..i wonder why, the girl is dating Ed sheeran….of course she won’t have a fight with him, well maybe when he gets  the credit card bill. But the ginger wank stain did say that when he became famous he locked himself away in his room for 140 days, ate take out and watched movies…who cares you suck Ed!!! The only problem I see with this is ….the bastard came out of the room…. eventually….dam it.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..we ‘re going to give a run down of 187’s plans tomorrow so should be cool….

Love you all guys and gals…
Here’s one of the hottest woman ever …Taylor Momsen….

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