Just to show you how stupid and meaning less an O.B.E. ( order of the British empire) is….you can now get one for services to fashion guess who got it… Victoria Beckham. It’s like they are running out of people to give em too. Believe it or not she even smiled at the ceremony which is a shock to me….i thought she wasn’t capable of such a feat. This is just plain stupid because her latest collection makes everyone look like 1950s communists. Earlier this week she said she didn’t have many friends and not many people liked her…. ain’t that a shocker. I ‘ve never met her, never had any dealings with her and I fucking don’t like her. It’s pretty simple to see why people don’t like her….if you look like a bitch, act like a bitch and talk like a bitch……chances are…..your a fucking bitch. Why risk finding out….just run.

Over here in Europe we don’t really get the whole follow the court case bit when it comes to murders. We get a bit of news and it moves on, not like in America where every detail is examined and watched by the news people. I only learned the other day about Jodi Arias  ( she stabbed her boyfriend a shit load of times, then shot him a shit load of times and then cut his throat…..she then pleaded self defence…..why are all the stunning women fucking loco) but today I read about New England patriots star Aaron Hernandez  Who was cleared of a double murder recently but still had to serve life in prison with out parole for killing another dude. Well Aaron Hernandez  Hung himself in his cell last night. I don’t know what to feel here…. American football player, has the world at his feet and pisses it all away in moment of madness….but on the other side he has taken a life. Could this be the price of fame, thinking that the real world laws don’t apply to you and basically you can get away with murder. As I said I don’t know what to feel here but I Porta Gregor and 187 would like to offer both our prayers and condolences to both the victims family and that of Mr Hernandez . All round it’s a sad ending for those concerned. 

Have you ever been to a bar and you meet an auld piss head who is getting messy after the drink and comes out with ” fuck off or I ‘ll hit you a wicked big mighty yoke of a slap” and all you can do is start laughing because it sounds so stupid. I thought it only happened in hillbilly bars at about midnight but it seems not so. The tool in North Korea came out last night and said he would hit America with a wicked mighty slap of a bomb or some kinda shit to that effect. I can just picture President TRUMP picking up the phone to ring the tool in North Korea for negotiations but I picture the negotiations like this.
Tool in North Korea: “hello tool speaking”

President TRUMP:” hey would you ever go away and fuck off”

Tool in North Korea: “I ‘ll send a wicked yoke of bomb over to you ….i have no idea what it is but……hello  hello hello….”

President TRUMP has long sense hung up.

I really like Bruce Springsteen. I think ” Nebraska ” is one of the greatest albums ever written but Bruce Springsteen has now massively dropped in my eyes. Why you ask….well he has gone off and written and released an anti President TRUMP song. Ah it’s just a load of liberal bullshit really… answers for anything but just complaining. The election is over….President TRUMP is in office….bruce get over yourself. I suppose this track will be rammed down our Throats by Obama and all the other leftie trendie scum. While we ‘re on Obama….did he die and no one cared or is he just keeping low profile.

Can someone explain to me what use are the Kardashian family to the world. Also wtf are the Jenners and what use are they to the world. There is like a thousand of the bastards if you add em all up. All they seem to do is ” new sultry photo shoot ” of a girl with a big arse. I took a good look at the Kardashian women the other day and I mean what a bunch of heifers. If they came up to you in a night club it would either need to be closing time where you would get up on a cracked plate or you ‘ve at least 20 pints Guinness in you so she looks stunning ( every girl is stunning after 20 pints of Guinness……it works the same for girls but it’s vodka, shur I turn into Brad Pitt after a girl has had 20 vodkas). The Jenner women are kinda hot except for the father who got his dick chopped and looks rough. I can’t understand the whole ” I’m a woman in a man’s body” thing, ok cool off you go and wear a dress and get the tits done but for fuck sake don’t put you ‘re dick up on the doctors desk and say ”  don’t mind looking at it doctor chop it off doc” . Like what happens if you wake up after operation and think to yourself ” I miss my willy” it can’t be glued back on and there must be some tranny out there who got the operation done and then missed his Willy. But wait what was my point…. oh ya the Kardashian family and Jenner family are of no use the world…..go eat a bag of shit.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……dont chop your Willy off

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a pretty little liar …… ASHLEY BENSON 

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