Ok so I ‘ve been missing the last few days but hey I’m in hospital and it sucks and I got my first bit of good news ….my kidneys are fucked but not proper fucked so I’m almost tap dancing. Some great looking nurses and doctors here…..yes I may be sick but my dick didn’t drop off so I still check out all the nurses ( except the male ones). So onwards and upwards guys and gals.

How many times do I have to say it KIM Kardashian is just a stupid bitch with a fat arse. People go on about her “booty” as if it’s the sexiest thing going but it ain’t she is just a heifer with a great big fat arse. She has been getting ripped apart online because people found out she was airbrushing photos of her arse but yesterday she was photographed and didn’t have control over the photos so they were non airbrushed and by jasus there is a fat arse on her. It’s like the saying ” she has an arse you could park your bike in and rest your pint of Guinness on top ” . These photos hav lead to outcry of fake about KIM Kardashian  because it is either her arse is fake or all her photos fake. I told ya asset rich cash poor. She now is no better than a $2 whore.

ISIS are now using Craig’s list to find kidnap victims. This is fucking terrifying just picture it you think you are going a date with a hot girl from Texas  ( I love Texas women) and bang you get a wack over the head and thrown into the back of white rape van. When they take the bag off your head there is no hot Texas girl just Jihad Joe with a raging horn on him because he wants to ride you but his boss Jihad Jimmy jazz won’t let him either way your fucked.  So  be careful guys and gals when going on internet date because you don’t want to see Jihad Joe with a raging horn on him sitting across from you.

I ‘ve just discovered they are planning to cancel “keeping it up when with a Kardashian ” or what ever its called. Ratings have bombed because ….well who gives a fuck about a family of fucking idiots. This has alot to do with Kim Kardashian having a great big fake fat arse so nice going KIM. Also Caitlyn Jenner’book has flopped too. This brings a question to my mind what happens when Caitlyn Jenner gets turned on does a tiny dick pop out of how does it work…..well anyway his book is a pile shit ” how to cut you’re Willy off in 10 easy steps” and he is going bald as well as broke. I ‘ve told you before you have the power to make or break these reality assholes so well done.

Pete Doherty has complained about Marine le Pen while he was performing at an anti racism gig. What did he say….I dont know…..why did he say it….i dont care, the shocking news for me here is …… Pete Doherty is still alive….can you believe it. Yes the walking corpse is still above ground and playing shitty music. I honestly thought the bastard was dead. I buy alot of guitars and I used to deal with a certain shop in England and I rang up one day like I would normally do one every few weeks to see if they had any guitars I might like and one of the owners said they couldnt get rid of Pete Doherty and that he sat around the shop drinking coffee and bought nothing. Then about once a month Kate Moss would come in with him and he would buy a high end guitar and she would pay for it. She actually thought he worked there. He is loser with a capital L and I’m proud to say I called him a talentless bollox to his face….except he was off his face on heroin at the time. Looking good pete.

While we ‘re on the subject as I said I’m in hospital at the mo and in a 6 bed ward  5 of us are here for medical reasons but they just brought in a guy who sickens me and I see them alot in hospital. This asshole is telling people he fell and hurt his head but is neglecting to mention the 4 litres of vodka he drinks a day. If you are an alcoholic or have a drug problem 187 will help you to get clean but if you are going into hospitals telling stories of how u tripped and then there is more alcohol than blood in you’re  blood test you can fuck off because unlike other help places we will help you when you admit to yourself you have a problem. If you taking a hospital bed away from a person who genuinely needs it for health reason all because you drank 4 litres of vodka or overdosed on heroin and fell we ain’t the people for you ….why you ask…..we it’s like this I drank like there was no tomorrow and I ‘ve fallen and hurt myself but I would not come to the because of something I did to myself, if you are on the path to death with drink and drugs either get busy running down that road to death or call us and we’ll help you….lie to yourself and you can’t be helped.

So until tomorrow guys and gals… out for Jihad Joe with a raging horn on him…..

Love you all guys and gals.

Here is some beautiful sexy drunk girls we came across….


  1. Still in there dude? I’m back home my car nearly past its nct and i’m still waiting on a yeast infection from all the antibiotics i’m on. Is that idiot still in his private room with his own personal security guard…
    Any ways keep it up



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