” Psycho killer,Qu’est-ce que c’est”: PORTA GREGOR IS CLINICALLY INSANE!

So yes I ‘ve been missing for a while and stuff….well I was in hospital. A long boring story that I won’t tell here but there is a funny side to it…kinda.

A nurse asked me what I was up too and I told her about my plans and I don’t know if it was the 40 years of shit in her ears or she was just a shit head….she took the whole thing up arse ways and then for 4 days the cakkal of bitches got together and kept adding to the story. So they came to the conclusion I was gone off the deep end and needed a head review.

I suppose what doesn’t work in my favour is the fact I wear custom cowboy boots and a Stetson but fuck it a man can wear what ever the fuck he wants. So I’m having my head reviewed and within 3 min the doc had worked out what had happened but kept me for a fucking hour asking me fucked up questions which I should have answered as ” well I never had sex with a dead person” to every question. When it was over the nurses looked sheepish at me and I could see they were sorry ….. except one. She kinda enjoyed it. So I thought the matter closed. Not so.

Next morning I wake up to the glaring eyes of this long streak of piss that was the top mind fucker. This mother fucker gave me a grilling that I still don’t know what the fuck he was on about. I ‘ll be the first to admit I’m a bit out there but I like who I am and what’s wrong with that. This guy made me feel bad about myself but one thing pushed it too far….. the fucker mocked my boots and stetson. You don’t mock a man’s boots and hat….. ever. So this mother fucker is the only person that didn’t like my hat and boots ( he was wearing the same cheap suit he on 4 years ago) then it dawned on me what this guy was up too. His plan is break you down so he can come with horse tranquilizers and sedate you out of your fucking mind and get called a great doctor. He could not bare to see I was happy and he had nothing to do for me. So from PORTA GREGOR and 187  …..go fuck yourself doc.

What’s the point of this story…. well if your happy in who you are don’t let a bunch of nosey bitches and a mind fucker get you down. Be happy in what you do and wear and fuck anyone who says other wise

Until tomorrow guys and gals…… what’s up doc….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the hottest girl to ever be a Victoria Secret angel….. Miranda Kerr 

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