MANCHESTER :what more is there to say….

By now everyone has heard about the terror bombing at the Manchester arena last night so I’m not going to go too much into the details of what happened  because it’s been reported so much already. What i want to look at is the effect this attack leaves….hate. Both making western society hate Muslims and making the nutter Muslims hate us in the west even more because they look at us as immoral. This is a never ending circle that will continue forever….. unless we ( as in both sides can put differences aside) but it won’t happen just like not everyone can be equal ….if every one was equal then what would there be to aim for or be jealous of and jealousy is the main problem. Bare with me… in an equal society we all have the same stuff but that jealous feeling never leaves it might the your neighbours wife is hotter than you ‘re wife and so on. Now look at Islamic extremism terrorists …. they have they ‘re own country turned in an utter shit hole so they flee here but don’t like how we live so they kill us because they are deep down inside jealous of the western lifestyle and society.

Look around you, there are Islamic doctors, accountants, bankers, captains of industry and so on…. they are some of best educated people in the world and left they home countries in order to find a better life for themselves and they ‘re family. They have fit into western society with out the need for killing or bombing…..but here lays the problem. Once settled in a society these decent Muslims are being used to help the nutters. Until the Muslim community is willing to say “no more” and throw out these wackos  ( let’s face it if Jihad bob is living down the street everyone knows about it) all Muslims are equally to blame for last night’s bombing. And I say shame on you….. the Koran preaches peace but yet you do nothing…shame on you.

Even in the darkest days of the troubles in Northern Ireland never was there an attack made  on kids and teenagers alone. Who ever gave the order for this attack … well you ain’t nothing but a scumbag and if you call this attack is in the name religion…then I piss on your religion and any other reason to think it’s right to kill kids. How is it that if a coalition soldier  looks at one of yer women who is covered head to toe… fuckers freak out but yet you come the west and rape and kill women and kids…. I think it’s time for the gloves to come off. You ‘re shit hole countries…. we ‘ll over run them and occupy them or wipe them out, in stead of respect being shown….if you look sideways at a soldier he blows you head off. This is what heading for… I want it, yes and no. Yes I want peace but I don’t want it that way…..but it is Islamic extremism terrorists that are calling the tune and making they ‘re own beds. ” if you want blood, you got it”

So until tomorrow guys and gals……there is no words for the attack last night and our hearts and prayers are with the families of those killed or wounded..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is how I feel… 


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