“FAME..im going to live forever” : DANGEROUS DREAMERS….

There is a serious want in some people. The want is to be famous and known.YouTube, Facebook live, Instagram all these outlets are giving the chance to the ordinary person to get 15min of fame for… well… anything, but it’s going to far and it’s going to get worse. Last week a girl shot her husband live on YouTube with a .50 handgun while he tried to use a book to stop the Bullitt. It didn’t and his head exploded. This girl is charged with manslaughter but what if she gets off… what kinda of picture does that paint for other sad cases out there willing to go to these lengths to get known. This girl will always be known as the stupid bitch who shot her husband in the face….good luck on dating web site’s ” so what happened to your husband”

Or the fucking idiot who bought a parachute online ( eBay or gum tree or such…..not a good idea) then decided to go up on the roof of his apartment block and jump off….all while he films it for YouTube. Now let me give you a bit of background on this tool…. no job…stupid and selfish. Why selfish you ask…..well when you watch the video you can hear his kids crying “please daddy don’t jump” it’s heart breaking. This piece of shit got his family out to watch him jump and jump he did and He got what he paid for in his online parachute and is now fucked up…… and his family have to look after him. But that’s the thing he has a family ….. he put them through watching him almost kill himself for what ….. to be told ” hey…. ain’t you the guy who….” as he walks down the street or as now is the case ….. is wheeled down the street.

There is money however because based on the number of views, you get paid by the carrier as they make money from advertising. Ever wonder why there is always short clips from sporting events or awards or any event….people watch the clip where something happened and then if you want to see the whole event you need to pay to get it….. it’s a giant media wheel that needs assholes uploading stupid videos in order for the wheel to keep turning. But the assholes don’t realise that, they only see the KIM Kardashian life and want it…. but very few get it, the rest just end up losers

I know this girl who thinks everything is sex, she’s not a slapper in the the night club that you d give an auld lash too after 20 pints no she’s all into the study  and 50 shades of fucked up kinda shit ….. an upmarket intelligent skank I think is what I trying to say. Well I saw this acting thing she did with her boyfriend…..it was a conversation about cheating and cleverly the boyfriend kept his face out of shot but she didn’t so all you really see is her. But the script is all about the description of how she fucked the other guy and licking cum off her face and liking his taste and all fucked up shit like that. Now it only has 12 views but after watching it she went in my eyes from a girl that I would like to sleep with to a $10 whore that I would nt touch with someone else’s Willy and My standards are pretty low but what if this girl gets known, she is always trying for tv presenting jobs, this video will get out and it’s not what you want out…..its probably the most sickening description of sex I ‘ve ever heard and is an instant turn off…. but still it’s out there and always will be. This is how personal some people will go for a little fame.

Tomorrow we ‘re dealing with something else but for fuck sake guys and gals there is more to life that YouTube fame. Get a life, get a dream , get a plan…… but what am I saying most of you will come back with … ” I want a YouTube life, my dream is to be a reality star and I ‘ve a silly plan involving a gun or parachute ”

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… don’t be too fucking stupid…..

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s Angelina Love …..

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