“GIMME BACK MY BULLETS….”: the sword has two sides…..

I was in a nightclub a few weeks back with a few friends and we are all in our 30s some married and some not…you know how it goes. There was a few guys with us who were all married but we didn’t really know them but who cares we were having some fun on a night out. A girl walks up to my friend who is married and she says “buy me a drink” my friend looks her up and down and says “aint you  a bit young to be here” ….. she says again …. ” buy me a drink” …. so my buddy just says “fuck off” to her. Within 5 min she had bouncers over saying to them  my friend was a pervert and tried to grab her and all kinds of shit and before my friend could say anything, he was being thrown out being called a pervert all the way when he did nothing. The girl came back about 10 min later with the glow of a purring cat and looked around the rest of us there she avoided me because I don’t drink anymore and always have a glass of water in my hand but she went up to one of the married guys we didn’t really know and of course  said ….. ” buy me a drink” which he did. I didn’t pay much attention for the rest of the night till we were leaving and on the corner of a street outside there was this skank on her knees sucking this married guys cock, you can see his wedding ring as it shines off the dirty street light. So there is this little bitch who got my friend branded a pervert sucking a married guys cock for what a vodka and coke. What this girl didnt know was i knew who she was and also knew her parents and also the false act of a grade A student she puts on locally during the week…..she is 16 years old.

So over the next few weeks my friends reputation took a beating as a pervert …..it effected his home life and job ….. all because he wouldn’t buy this little bitch a drink. That’s not fair. So I’m in the same night club about a week ago and guess who comes up to me ….. the little 16 year old bitch….. ” buy me a drink” she said, dressed in a too tight little black dress. So I decided if she wants to be an adult and fuck with people its time she learned her lesson. I called her closer and asked her ” do you want to know who you ‘re father is fucking” ?. She looked at me in shock and asked how I knew her so I told her who I was and she turned white so I asked her again ” do you want to know who your father is fucking”….. she started to get whiter and said ” my daddy is married to my mother and loves her and would never cheat on her “. I just laughed because I had been in school with the guy and knew him well… so I said  ” well you go over and ask your little blonde friend over there if she is fucking you’re father and you decide” and I pointed towards a girl. The 16 year old skank did ask the blonde and I guess she found out the truth  because it was one hell of a funny cat fight. Welcome to the real world kiddo you can’t fuck with people for no reason and then expect nothing to happen. I think family dinners in they ‘re house are a little strained since then.

This is the world of Porta Gregor and 187…. this stupid young girl was using the accusation of ” pervert” to any guy who would nt buy her a drink. She was ruining lives by allowing married men fuck her and then gets a shock when she finds out her ” daddy” is fucking her BFF. Everyday we help people who are is situations that they seem hopeless but we are coming across alot more of teenage girls screaming stories about older men that just ain’t true. These girls ( and guys) are doing two fucked up things …… ruining some innocent guys life and crying wolf so when they need help or other girls need help no one will believe them. If you come to us with a false vendetta claim against some one because you think we will do you ‘re dirty work……no we won’t.. …. let me make it clear, we will do 10 fold to you what you are trying falsely to do to someone innocent…… we are not you’re Cinderella. 

What does ” we’re not you’re Cinderella” mean….. well you remember the story, the nasty step sisters and fairy god mother gets CINDY dolled up…..thats not us…. we teach CINDY to fight back and get a machine gun attitude….. that’s Porta Gregor and 187. We will help you anyway we can because now we ‘ve become a movement……but we ‘re a twin edged sword be careful.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……i wonder are they still BFF’S….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy storage wars……mary padian

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