Victoria Beckham has come out with her beauty guide on how to get the perfect smokey eyes ( in other words look like a heroin addict) but it fucking costs £346!!! What the fuck is this fucking stupid bitch thinking of. This is more of celebrities having no grasp with reality ….. how is the average person suppose to afford this. Now Victoria Beckham is complaining that she is being picked on for showing her beauty treatments. Ah what a stupid fucking bitch…. people are losing they re homes in a hurricane and she is telling you to spend £346 for Smokey eyes….fuck off.

A mother has been banned from twitter and YouTube for speaking out against Vouge magazines guide to anal sex for teenage girls….. are you fucking kidding me, a guide to anal sex for teenage girls is the most disgusting thing i ve ever heard. This mother is right to speak out but the LGBT are saying she is a racist for speaking out…. because lets face it teenage boys are going to read this too …. boys who are curious about weather they re gay or not. I dont care what people do with they re arse but by putting a guide in a magazine like Vouge is saying its something everyone  is doing. You re arse was designed for one way traffic not for sticking things up there so first off you have the medical issues and then you have the legal issues …. this is a guide for teenagers so depending on the country the anal sex could be illegal landing people in jail. Ah i cant write anymore but i have to ask why arent Vouge magazine banned from twitter or YouTube. 

Following on from the guide to anal sex, A.I. software has been tested on a dating site that can now guess with 91% accuracy weather you are gay or straight from you’re photograph. This is fucking scary …. what if you are mixed up and suddenly a machine tells you that you are gay. Whats with all this gay shit coming out at the moment. If you are gay ….. well…. so fucking what, im not and to be honest i dont give a shit if you are gay or not so fuck off out of my face. What kinda asshole sat down and wrote this software…… so you click straight on you re profile and the thing tells you ” no sorry you are gay” thats fucked up. Im getting sick of LGBT  moaning and complaining about things ….. if you re gay so fucking what, what do you want a medal from me or me to tell you are brave…. you are not brave, just fucking gay…. deal with it fucko!!!

As well all know by now hurricane Irma is going to hit Florida. Its the worst hurricane on record and i hope it does as little damage as possible and that noone gets hurt but there are wackos out there celebrating the hurricane. ISIS supporters came out over the last few days saying that its allahs will and they all prayed really hard for it and thats why the hurricane is so strong. Fucking stupid jesus freaks are saying its gods will for not paying carbon tax and a bunch of liberals/ democrats/ assholes have said that they hope the hurricane only hits President TRUMPs resort in Florida….that doesnt even deserve a comment. The only good thing coming from this hurricane is that it is bringing people together. Old hates are dropped by decent people and its all about survival… is more important than hate or politics. If there is anything 187 can do please contact us straight away but being here in the Rep of Ireland i dont know what we can do but you name it and we will try to help. Oh we have emailed CNN to tell them that a hurricane cant be racist if thats any help… fake news, you gotta love CNN, its more like Saturday night live now

Ah i dont know what to make of Jennifer Lopez doing some kinda weird dance at a concert in Vegas last night….where she showed off her arse. Ok lets break this down jenny from the block has a great ass for a woman of 48 ( im not into the big ass thing but i can say a woman has a great ass when she has) but on the other hand shes 48 years old, shes old enough to be a grandmother. Is she going to head the route of cher and be 150years old saying i still got it while the people in the crowd puke. I mean id give Jenny from block a ride but i wouldnt be proud of it. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals……. say no to big booty…..

Love you all guys and gals…..

Here’s the bad girl that is just so sexy…… Bai Ling..

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