So we ve been missing for a while ….well we had a few set backs at 187. We try to help people when they have no where else to turn and when you do that you come up against some bad people. 187 has people all over the world who help but we suffered our first casualty…… l cant go into details but the person our man was trying to help she is now  safe and back with her family but he is now in the breeze. We are on the front line ” tomorrow we ll rise so lets fight today”…..the war rages on… 187 will not stop so either help us or get the fuck out of the way.

For some god awful reason Jennifer Lawrence has made a movie with her boyfriend the guy who made the brilliant ” reccreame for a dream” but when you make a movie with your girlfriend you are going to fuck it up just stands to reason. The film ” mother” is about…..ah well… body can agree to be honest but everyone agrees that it is fucking shite….. some even say its the worst movie of the century now thats bad. So whats so bad about it, i ve no idea i ve no itenion of watching it but all i ll say is 66min of the 120min movie is close ups of Jennifer Lawrence who looks terrible and wait till you see Michelle phiffer…..fuck shes rough. So seems like the Chinese take over of Hollywood is going well.

In south Africa a guy has died in hospital after being shot by police. You might think whats so special about this as South Africa is pretty voilent and nearly every one has a gun. Well this guy was shot when, get this, he wouldn’t stop eating the woman he had just killed and beheaded. So heres what happened this fucking weird fucker had a row with a 35 year old woman he knew ( he was 23) so he cut her throat and then cut her head off. His mother looked out the window and was shocked to see her son eating the dead woman and she called the police, they show up and try to arrest him but he wont stop eating the woman so they shot him wounding him. He died in hospital…..thank fuck. But the worrying thing is that cannibalism is on the rise in South Africa….and now the prison system has a specail prison for these fucked up assholes. Russia is the same, they have special prison wings for cannibals. These are just the prisons you hear and read about but how many countries have the odd cannibal in a normal prison. What the fuck is wrong with these people ( well alot to be honest) what makes you get up and want to eat you’re fucking neighbour. I advise you arm up because there is some fucked up people out there……beware

A sex doll rental service has been shut down in china after just 2 days of business. The government said some kinda shit about “moral duty ” or something but what i cant understand is what kinda weirdo rents a fucking sex doll!!! Think about it what kinda greesey fuck was up on the doll before you….what if they dont clean it right…what about the poor bastard who has to clean them out….ah fuck sake this just gets more twisted as you go along. Thing is there is a massive call for these dolls. There are russian , korean and Chinese models to choose from and then the top model….. based on the new “wonder woman ” Gal Galot…..with a sword and shield!!!!i dont know does this keep the weirdos in they re homes fucking rubber dolls or does it encourage them to go out and find a real life rape victim. Only time will tell

That prick Obama is at it again, this time on wall street. Since he has left office he has been giving speeches about himself and his time in the whitehouse at $400k a pop. I dont like Obama as you hav guessed but i got to respect the S.O.B. because anyone who can do nothing for 8 years and then get paid $400k to talk about it is the man. When bankers have too much money there is always someone around to help take they re money enter Obama….. fuck it i ll do it for half price …. $200k and i ll even let ye film me shagging Hilary clinton…. now thats a bargin

The Emmy awards were on and guess what a bunch of washed up ( some i thought were dead) actors started getting political and all took stabs a President TRUMP. These leftie trendie scum still aint worked out that he is you re President and no matter how much stupid shit you preach the man is doing a good job. Fuck CNN, FOX  and all the fake news outlets… go dig into the president TRUMP era so far and you ll find that he has done more in his time as president than Obama did in 8 years. Plus his approval rate is  only on the rise. The Emmys ….. fuck the emmys ….. if you want to know who the losers ( i mean winners) were ….go look them up but dont take they re polical advise… you re reserach and make up you’re own mind.

Lady Gaga has cancelled her European leg of her tour because she is in chronic pain…. why….fuck knows. She says she suffers from chronic pain and other stuff but never says from what. Now dont get me wrong if her health is effected i wish her a speedy recovery because i ve been in and out of hospital my whole life and some days i cant walk from pain ( if you want to know why …..just ask) but Lady gaga gives no reason and just check out her super bowl show…..if you’re in pain no way you could do the performance she did. She has been pictured with a roasy beads ( ah didnt she say on tv ” i swear to satan” a while back) and has sent loads of tweets out about being around for 60 more years of performing if she takes this break. Ah i like lady gaga…. get well soon girly ….. the world needs people like her.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……  dont forget to scrub out you re sex doll….

Love you all guys and gals…..

Heres stunning Israeli model….. Bar Refaeli

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