We here at 187 are at the front line of a war that can not be won but we will fight it anyway. We said we were a movement and our numbers are growing ( we hit 21k veiws last week) but we took another casualty last week this time in New York. Her shit is the breeze now took and this story did not have a happy ending as the person we were trying to help died of an overdose before we could help. That is why we have been missing from here for a week…..all we can say is there is nasty people in the world but the only way to stop them is to be twice as a bad. We have you re name, we have you re number…. we may not win this war but we will still fight and  win the battles.

I watched ” xxx: the return xander cage” and dear god it is bad. Vin diesel is like a dirty old man going touching up teenage girls and there is a lesbian in it ( ruby rose) that is so lesbian that its uncomfortable to watch. The Chinese guys are kinda cool but the Bollywood actress is awful. You keep expecting her to start dancing like in slum dog. Its a pretty uncomfortable movie to watch except for Toni Colette who is hot can act and is generally the only thing good about the movie. But since china took over Hollywood there has been nothing but shit being released. Tom cruise’s new movie bombed on its first weekend….. can you see a pattern, old washed up stars are not a draw any more and we re going back to the golden age of cinema where movies can be made on less money so better movies and more of them. I say bring it on china please keep making shit movies so that small good movies can be made. The day of the blockbuster is ending and you ended it.

Ah there was a shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas last night where 50 were killed and up to 200 people have been injured. Why….. fuck knows….. honestly i have no idea. A 64 year old dude just opened fire with a mchine gun from a hotel room and was shot dead by police. No one really knows as of yet why but this it awful. From his hotel room he had a 40k crowd to aim in to and fired at random ontp the crowd. What with the NFL not standing for the national anthem  ( fucking scum) and ISIS being found in the west of ireland i have no idea what is going on with the world. Now to go shooting innocent people at festival is just terrible and I dont care what reason is given for this asshole he is just scum and our prayers are with the families of the killed and wounded. 


Can someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with that fuck Muppet in North Korea other than the obvious and small penis syndrome. He is moving missiles near the DMZ now. Ok ok ok im taking matters into my own hands ( maybe he is a reader). To the leader of North Korea……what the fuck are you doing, i mean seriously if it is to unite the country well i ve news for you the fucking south dont want to unite with you ….they hate you so much they dont even want to do a shit around you. If you want to show off you ve a missile,  I can go off and buy a fucking missile and sit out on the lawn with a beer and make a fucking YouTube video of me aiming it at Justin beiber but when you re the leader of a country people take that bit more notice when you say you want to fire them at America. How far do you think you can push President TRUMP before he kicks you re ass back to the fucking stone age ( i ve seen a few films about North Korea and you guys aint that far for it). Get you re shit together you miserable bastard and feed you re country…… you never know 187 might have crossed boarder.

So its fashion week…. somewhere, its always fashion week somewhere on earth but this time im noticeing that most of the models are sons and daughters of famous people. Mick jaggers daughter, jude laws kids, gigi hadids whole family, kurt kubains daughter, cara delevingnes family and older super models daughters now taking to the catwalk. What chance does a neon demon have when you dont have a famous family…..well i ll tell you using the words of the Hollywood undead….when some agent looks at you with the ” what the fuck do you want” face and asks you who you re famous daddy is just say ” im a god motherfucker and there is a price to pay , im a god motherfucker and judgement day”!!!! And then go across the table….thats a neon demon. Fuck you and you re rich in the group familes. For every one of you  there is a million of us who aint got shit to lose or prove….. id hate to be in youre shoes because you can only live on you re name for so long….just look at the rich families after world war 1 when the world realised there is more to life that riches and a name and all these sudo ” im important because of my daddy” crowd got an eye opener when no body gave a fuck because the had seen hell and figured out that life was more important than you re service. Thats what this latest shooting shows us, life is for living. Forget about Taylor swift making some statement in a video about a boyfriend or my famous daddy fashion week, come together, Im not not saying lets hold hands and stick daisies up each other arses but choose life because now you dont know where a wacko fuck up is waiting to shoot or bomb you….. I mean they found an ISIS cell in the west of Ireland.  The only training camp they could run there is how to fuck a sheep. Choose life people.

Before i go, Taylor Swifts new song ” look what you made me do” …… does anyone else hope its something filty that she is sicken with herself for doing…..i do. I think its she licked some guys butt or something and is sickened with herself for doing it. Picture a sweaty record producer sqated over her and his hairy arse out….. ” dont mind looking at it luv” ….. ” ohhhh look what you made me do”….go on you you lot are thinking the same.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… dont do anything Taylor swift wouldnt do…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the beautiful  5ft stunner of terror …. Alexa Bliss

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