So by now everyone has a miliion quesions and theories as to what happened in las Vegas, Im not going to go over any because I just dont know. But I do know this, the liberal lefties are coming after youre guns. They are going to scream about tighter gun control and to give over the guns you have. No matter what gun controls are in place if someone wants a gun they will find a way to get it, its like drugs there is always a way. As for handing over you’re guns….i never thought id use the motto of the N.R.A…… but hand over you re guns ” from my cold dead hands”. If they want you re guns say to them ” you first”. When the only people in the country who are armed are the police and military what do you think happens….the power brokers have complete control. Do you see Hillary Clinton or Obama or Soros rushing to hand in the guns of they re bodyguards…..think about that. President TRUMP has been slammed for not rushing out like the prick Obama calling for gun controls ….. because he knows that is  a soft take over. Who will fight an insurgent civil war if no one has  guns to do it. Plus with all these wacko groups like ANITIFA  and BLACK LIVES MATTER saying that on November 4th the civil war will begin….I respect President TRUMP for keeping a proper response to the shooting in las Vegas and making it about the people killed and wounded and not a chance to bandstand about gun control like what Hillary would have done a  that prick Obama did do anytime there was a shooting. Something is coming in America i dont know what it is but its bad, Porta Gregor’s advice is if you live in America is to arm up asap. If you can legally get a gun get it and get as much ammo as you can….because they will come for it and the question is the same one the clash asked ” when they kick down you’re front door how you gona come, with youre hands on youre head or the trigger of youre gun”. Look in the mirror people look deep in you re eyes and ask yourself what am i, who am i and can i do everything possible to protect my family.

Would you believe that some jackass useless reporter is calling into question how Hugh Heffner died. Who gives a fuck. The miserible old bastard was a sick twisted pervert and lets face it was responsible for the spead of std’s like no ones business. What you think the stars at his parties played tiddley winks. Right let me give you a few insights into playboy. First off the magazine has some of the best writing there is but as a business it was almost bust a few times and how did they survive well they got baled out by…..the C.I.A. !!!! Why the C.I.A. you ask well hughs cousin was head of the C.I.A. at the time….George Bush sr. I shit you not. And all those pretty girls hanging off Heff …. were paided escorts. How did he die ….. he was  91 and trying to fuck a 31 year old there is only so many little blue tablets you can take.

While we re on the subject of drugs, 3 men have been drugged in 3 different high end New York hotels by two different hot women and when they go back to the hotel room the women rob them. This has been going on for years in south American countries but i guess its moved on. Of course these guys are rich maybe married and of course thereis out cry by the police as the fear for rich men trying to pull younger women ( both women are ment to be in they re early 30s and men in they re 50s)…. but here at 187 we say ” you go girls” !!!! These older guys would not think twice of just a one night fuck and throw these girls out in the morning. How many girls have been drugged and raped over the years and what out cry is there…..none. But 3 rich guys and it makes world news. These guys are only getting robbed. Girls … you will be caught but ye got my respect. Bad ass bitches…. 

A couple in Wisconsin got arrested for refusing to stop having sex when a cop was called to the car where they were at it ( what kinda weirdo complained) . So the cop turns up and the Pontiac is rocking and obviously the cop never heard ” dont bother knocking when this car rocking” and opened the door of the car and was told fuck off. Why not id tell him fuck off too. So he tries to arrest them but they want to finish so they start at it again outside the car. Well done guys nothing worse than not finishing but now they charged with lewd conduct.

A woman has been charged with killing her boyfriend with get this….frying pans…im fucking serious, the mad bitch beat the dude to death with two frying pans. Apparently he was still alive when police arrrived but died in hospital. Can you picture how many times she would have had to hit him in order to kill him with frying pans…. I hope they give this mad bitch the chair.

Just to show how fucking stupid the rich are….. Lady Victoria Hervey was at fashion week in a dress that was a copy of a baked bean can wrapper and it cost £2k!! I mean fuck you….that money could be put to so many better uses than a fucking no body zed lister trying to get her old ass in the papers one more time. Its time to clean out these uber rich and show them real life.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. fuck you Lady Victoria Hervey…..

Love you all guys and gals

Heres the sexy Aussie goddess…… Sibylla Deen

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