Jimmy Kimmel came out and gave a sobbing performance for the shooting of the people in Las Vegas  ( although he has no connections to those killed or wounded). He was so effected that he broke down crying and called for the guns to be given up…..ah hang on doesn’t he have 14 armed bodyguards!!!! You can bet you re sweet ass that good old jimmy doesn’t mean his bodyguards to give up they re guns…  just you the ordinary people. Its like as if a script was handed out to all talk show hosts because they all said the same thing after the shooting…. give up the guns….  my first thoughts went to the wounded and killed …. i guess thats why im not a famous talk show host.

Some fucking yoyo has been arrested in Sweden  ( what is it with Sweden) while tring to smuggle a ” mother of satan” bomb on board a plane bound for a European nation. Now i had to look up what in the fuck was a ” mother of satan” bomb was all i knew was that it didnt sound positive…. it turns out that it is the name for some mad powerful explosive that is twice as piwerful than that of c4 and semtex. So this german white guy tries to smuggle the bomb onto a plane and blow it up….why…. ah who fucking cares, ISIS will claim him so you cant tell if thats true, if he is blowing up people to support people who ask him to blow himself up for them thats when you see the nonsense of these terrorists. Its now gone to the stage that noone gives a fuck about the reason they are just sick of assholes like this german guy.

A Dutch woman got a bit of a shock when her webcam said ” bonjour Madame…..” and then told her to ” suck my dick”. I know this is a terrible invasion of privacy and police have warned of widespread  hacking of web cams and sick weirdos jerking off to watching you making the dinner but still i cant stop laughing at it. Why am i laughing well lets say a sick twisted pervert hacks a web cam and gets an even bigger weirdo. Lets say my web cam is hacked ….. fuck it you dont have to hack it if you want to watch me play with my balls i ll show you for free. These hackers will run into a problem in th8e end ….. people wont care about being watched or they will enjoy it . Weirdos just create more weirdos.

Im so fucking sick of Kim Kardashian and her fucked up loser shit box life. This time on ” keepong it up while you re on a Kardashian ” she rings the the owner of some god for saken Mexican resort and breaks down in tears sobbing ” do you promise we ll be safe” because she fears being robbed again like when she was robbed by an old age pensioner who could nt have gotten it up to rape her anyway which she said was her biggest fear. Right first off, its fucking mexico one of the crime capitals of the world, if you fear you might be attacked or robbed dont go to one of the fucking crime capitals of the world you fucking stupid bitch. Secondly, no one wants to rape kim Kardashian…… no one…. there so many videos of her out there fucking guys or sucking them off that you cant tell me that the only time she was with a guy was on tape so what about the million other guys…. of course none of them had an std that they could have given her never….. so even rapists wont attack her. And lastly has she anything left to steal…..think about it.

Tyreese Gibson ( i know i had to check who he was too) has said the Rock is trying to make the fast and furious movies all about him. Can you believe there is a ” fast and furious 9″ coming out. Every one of the movies was shit, well maybe the japan one wasnt too bad but thats because all the usual gimps werent in it. Ah who cares …. the rock….  tyreese gibson…. fast furious movies….. this dont even count as fake news its so bad.

Yes there is more news in the world but i dont give a shit. A plane nearly crashed, Cheryl Cole got a tattoo covered and loads of losers are having kids….im too tired to care, heres gal galot. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…….. do leave high dont leave me dry

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the sexy Isreali …… Ayelet Zure

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