” when they kick down you’re front door, how you gona come….” THE WORLD IS IN FLAMES BUT HEY LEAST WE ‘VE HOT WOMEN….

( Seeing as we re all depressed I just put a load of photos of Olivia Munn all through the blog…..no need to thank me🤠)

So the whole world is talking about the shootings in Las Vegas last week but what will be the fall out. People have a million different theories as to what happened….two shooters….he was ISIS (  its bad form that you cant even trust ISIS now to do an attack because even if a dog was hit crossing the fucking road ISIS would claim the driver was a member and did it on purpose )…. he was a millionaire….a gun runner….. it goes on and on….and it will continue for years to come but the fact remains that people are dead and wounded, it doesn’t matter the reason but opportunistic celebrities and politicians are using human misery to run an agenda….. gun control.

Here in the Rep.of Ireland I turned on the radio and the local radio ” expert” ( expert of fucking what i ve no idea) comes on and says…. ” they have to take the guns because it is soooooo easy to get a gun in America “…. what a fucking muppet!!!! First off it differs from state to state as to how easy or hard it is to get a gun. Some states its near impossible others its piss easy but the fact remains that if you legally qualify to buy a gun and you legally hold it as the law states there is no way that you should have to give it up because some wacko lost it in Vegas.  Jimmy Kimmel started crying” give up the guns” ( except his bodyguards) and all the other late night talk show hosts came out with basically sang from the same script…. ” give up the guns” …. but not our bodyguards or anyone working for us or protects us from you the ordinary scum….. just you the ordinary people who need the guns for both protection and well whatever the fuck you do with you re gun as long as you within the law.

Think about this, what happens when the only people with guns are the police and military which are controled by a civilian government…..you end up with a dictatorship because fuck you what you going to say to the 6ft 7inch dude at youre grocery store.The elected government of a country should fear its people not the people fear its government. But once the guns  are taken they are gone for good, welcome to 1984 and here comes a chopper to chop off you’ re head.

I m shocked that people cant see this and look at me with this stupid raised upper lip and say ” guns kill people”. Sorry  I hate to point this out but guns dont kill anyone people kill people. So what are you going to do come up with a solgan ” people control”

It might sound like im taking the piss but it is aready happening. Why are mass tracks of land being bought up by the government in America and air conditioned trailers being installed on them and a great big fence put around the whole fucking lot. Is it to keep people in or people out. In Saudi Arabia just across the boarder with Syria the same camps are there…..but noone in them….so who are they for and why. Why are billionaires moving to New Zealand……why are mad yummy fucking mummies puting bunkers in  the back yard….. so ” people control” will become the next slogan on the lips of the leftie trendie scum and you better learn to like it or see the chopper.

At the moment they want you re guns because they already have you re freedom. Try checking in to a hotel with a guitar case now…  you ll be fucking arse raped by security if you look different or they dont like you re stetson ( im fucked) and when it turns out to just a guitar, they will beat the shit out of you for good measure, who you going to complain to…. ” sorry we thought he had a gun” will be all security say as they wait to arse rape you again for complaining. While they are doing this to you 20 guys in the bee keeper suits will have slipped in with ” mother of satan” bombs straped to they re asses….. but least they wont be offended. You re freedom is gone….. they want the only thing to defend yourself with…..question that i want to know is, will the Porta Gregor’s of this world  be on the inside or outside of the fence….. why do i think that question is already answered….and we re fucked

So until tomorrow guys and gals …… nail you re colours to the mast….

Love you all guys and gals 

We haven’t featured my blood loving future ex wife in awhile so heres the strangely beautiful…….. Alison Harvard 

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