If you like Victoria Beckham you ll love this but if like me  you think she looks like she just took a bite out of a lemon….you ll see this as just ” im still alive ” thing. Good old Vicky went on her morning work out …. in a fashion jump suit and killer heels and big sunglasses…. oh and a photographer to capture the moment. What the fuck its suppose to mean i have no idea and honestly i dont care but her fans are loving it for some reason …. i so hope this doesnt become a craze.

The entire city council for Plam Springs is now gay. Ah what….if this aint a cartel nothing is. With the election of Lisa Middleton who is transgender or something and that then made the whole council LGBT because all the others are….well ….gay gay gay….gay. Let me put this into perspective for you , say you are a straight guy and you wanna run for council what do you reckon you re chances are….think snow ball in hell and then lets say you do get elected well its a sexual harassment law suit waiting to happen…..against you for being straight. What with the fucking stupid lefties and antifa organising a mass screaming at the sky in protest of something ( fuck knows what) seriously im not making it up they are getting together in cities across america to scream at the sky and if you cant make to a gathering well you are ment to go out and scream in you’re back yard. Whats the betting Palm Springs will have a good group of screamers because the people who voted in an entirely gay council must be a bit off. There is nothing wrong with being gay and i ve nothing against people who are but you must admit its a little bit fishy that they re all gay. Well if some fucker steps into my garden and starts screaming im going pursume he is turning into a werewolf and shoot the bastard….. better to be safe than sorry it could be a werewolf…what happens if its a gay werewolf is that sexual discrimination if i shoot him, fuck these new sexual law things are fucked up 

Apparently Charlie Sheen touched Corey Feldman’s willy too. Ah who cares at this stage the whole Hollywood lot seem like a bunch of fucked up weirdos. Charlie Sheen has/had aids and Corey Feldman has his “angels” walk around the house in they re underwear. But spare a thought for the people who werent touched up by Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey because they must think ” im such a loser Harvey Weinstein or kevin Spacey wouldnt touch me up”. I mean every day there is new people claiming this and that…. ex pussycat doll karla said they were all pimped out…. Harvey Weinstein used to hire very professional private detective firms to pretend to be Jehovah  witnesses and spy on the wonem he jacked off in front of and if kevin Spacey touched up everyone who claims he did i dont know how he had time for acting. There is some cases i really feel for like Asia Argento and Rose Macgown but some of the claims are nonsense ….. and thank fuck the fund me shit by Corey Feldman is failing because lets face who gives a fuck cares who touched his todger 35 years ago… go away and fuck off Corey because we all have problems and we re sick of listening to you’res.

So TRUMP will never get elected….do you feel stupid now George Clooney, tom hanks, Obama, CNN, that ugly red haired bitch, rosey whatever the fuck and all the late night talk show hosts….. oh and “g”. Hillary wanted to nuke iran thats been averted and the Clintons now being shown for the scum they are…..hey go scream at the sky. All i ll say on the matter is in almost one year  the American economy has grown by 3.1% ….. when before the election all economists said the American economy could never grow by 3% in ten years…. President TRUMP did it in one year… id like to take the time to say to the sky screamers….fuck you….losers

P.diddy is no longer P.diddy yes he has changed his name again. Puff daddy became P.diddy and he now wants to be known as …. wait for it….. “Brother love”. I personally think its fitting because there has been rumours of him being gay for years. He is ment to have been bother love to alot of artists weather they wanted it or not. Has he even released anything in years….. i seriouly thought he was dead

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. arse to wall as brother love on the loose

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is one of the most beautiful ever and it sickens me that Harvey Weinstein is ment to abused her….. Asia Agento we all here at 187  love and support you…. be the badass that you are…

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