” she was a long cool woman in a black dress….” THE HORRIBLE SIDE OF FAME AND THOSE WHO WANT IT… 

There is a free movie on the internet called ” an open secret “, its all about child abuse in Hollywood. Thing is it was made nearly 3 years ago and is only getting the credit now because Rose Macgown and Aisa Argento started the ball rolling in sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein …then all the others came out and well its been a domino effect now with fucking everyone claiming someone touched them up or raped them or did some kinda shit to them. But how did Hollywood get to this level ….. how did it get to such a black hole of sexual perverts. Well it always has been. Just check out the black Dalhia murder and you ll see where the jokers smile came from…. Hollywood has been a fucked shit hole because it attracts both types of people…. those with power and money and those who want power and money…..becareful what you wish for.

So whats going to happen, the list of people Harvey Weinstein and kevin spacey are ment to touched up is now unbelievable and the asian dude in the orignal star trek has been acussed of touching up some dude…… i guess he could get scottie to beam him into you re bedroom rape you and beam me up scottie and you re left with an alien story but the most stupid one that i ve heard has to be steven segal. He really is a sheriff somewhere and ment to up hold the law well he whipped out his lad and tried to get porta di rossi to give him an auld tug …. but shes a lesbian, what fucking chance is there of lesbian pulling you re lad….. the bitch will pull it off and mount it over the fireplace . What im trying to say is that Hollywood has gotten so fucked up that a sheriff thinks he is going to get away with trying to sexually assault a lesbian. But how many are real, why didnt these claims come out during the situate of limitations  ( 10 years to report the crime) but now nothing can be done. So to answer my own question what will happen ….. well nothing except replace the people who have been abused with a fresh crop of nobodies who will put up with the casting couch to get famous….it all comes full circle…..again.

Lets look at the music industry, girl bands being pimped out, boy bands being raped. All the ” i ll pop a cap in you re ass” rappers have all been popped in the ass by each other….. talent has nothing to do with it. Just check out singers without auto tune….most sound like turkeys. But nothing is going to change here either because for every guy or girl who comes out with a sexual harassment claim there is 100 more waiting to put up with sex for fame. But just think of what losers these producers must be that they have to offer million dollar contracts just to get a ride. Sad bastards.

I first came face to face with this shit when i worked as a fashion photographer  nearly 20 years ago. Now i never saw anything improper or anyone being touched up but i was getting on very well with the agency i worked for and was offered to do a shoot in L.A. im excited its a big break for me but then i noticed the list of models…..all were 16 or under….ok i thought right they want very thin  young models so i then got my brief for the shoot, it was nothing major till i looked up the agencies that the girls were going over to do work for….all were run by 50 year old plus men. The penny dropped ( you gotta remember this is before facebook and smartphones and twitter) i knew the girls would be made go to after parties and i wanted no part of that shit so i quit the agency and didnt work in fashion again for a few years….. why didnt i say something….. well what proof had i , only a guess and rumors so 20 years ago this shit was going even  on at a small level.

While we re on the fashion industry did you ever wonder how models always put Instagram photos of themselves in ibiza or Saudi Arabia  or some beautiful hot climate place. They must be on a shoot …. ya…. guess again. There is so many models in the world ( check out model mayhem) that they all cant get work so what do you do to keep the money coming in…..well you get you re agent to arrange for you to fly to some private party for a weekend for €200k and what happens happens…… i ve heard stories of dogs and donkeys…its bad shit. But these people allow this shit to be done to them because they cant live with out likes or fame or just to be wanted….. its sad.

Look at Corey Feldman. He is best friends with Charlie sheen who is ment to have raped Corey Heams up the arse while Corey Feldman watched. Now corey Feldman wants you re money to make a movie to name people we dont give a shit about…..thats a fame whore. I really dont like Corey Feldman because he looks like a fucking creep and claims he knows of peadofile rings but wont name them till he gets money. Hollywood sickens me but now im older i want to go there and burn it to the ground.

All over the world men and women are sold into human slavery…..mainly for sex. Just sex. Fuck sake its only sex why does there need to be such misery for just sex. The average life expectancy of a sex trafficked female is 18 months ….. less if she is forced on to herion. Why are we not up in arms over this. Ireland is one of the biggest importers of women for sex in europe but its a dirty little scret that the irish wont face….the majority of people of any country always think ” not here” when infact ireland is a modern E.U. state and not the land of a thousand welcomes but more like the land of a thousand perverts. 

(the above girl is a missing 19 year old from England believed to have been sold into the sex trade in the middle east)

Where are the people who missing each year world wide. Families getting phone calls that they re son or daughter is missing and thats it, no body to bury and the thought going through you re mind ” would i rather know where they are and know that they re in trouble or unhappy or not know where they are and presume they are leading happy lives”  that shit would drive you crazy. But still we turn a blind eye even when all these stars are coming out telling you plain what is going on in fame land so you can only guess what goes on in ordinary land.

This pisses me off, i started 187 to try and help people who are in situations like the above and we re making head way but its barely  a dent in whats going on. My views and methods as Porta Gregor have cost me most of my friends and i get death threats  daily…..but how do i live with myself if i say no to helping the ordinary person who needs help…..i cant. So porta Gregor and 187 will always stand and fight….. we may lose battles but we ll win the war.

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. im getting angry so rant over….

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the other beautiful woman that we all at 187 love and support and well done to her for being brave enough to come out against Harvey Weinstein….Rose Macgown 

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