Bloody Coldplay…..i mean Coldplay won an award at the MTV EMA awards. i thought they were all dead or hoped it. Same shit different year….same old bunch of talentless gimps getting awards makes you wonder who they had to watch jerk off to get the awards.Rita ora hosted the awards whoever or whatevet she is. The one thing i ll say about her is she turned up in a bath robe and towel for the red carpet. Look that shit was cool 10 years ago but can we have someone decent please and maybe a few winners with talent who aint writing songs about ex boyfriends.

The national transgender/ drag queen gay whatever of America had they re convention yestetday in texas. Personally i dont give a shit but they had kids as young as 3 years old running up to them giving them money for pole dances….wtf!!! They also kept telling the kids that they ll be drag queens when they grow up…. one sick weirdo had just glitter over his balls and a 10 year old boy dressed as a girl with him. Im sorry but this shit aint alright….. if you want to be gay, great do it in you re own personal life. You wanna tuck  in you re dick and wear women’s clothes thats you re business but cross the fucking line and walk around with a boy dressed as a girl with glitter over you re balls …. we re going to have a problem. If any of you LGBT  crowd think that this public behaviour involving kids is ok please feel free to comment. ” if you put it right in my face….i ll put you in you’re motherfucking place”

I ve just seen that there has been a school shooting in California where at least 3 are dead and the gun man was shot by police. Not much details are coming out yet but neighbours of the piece of shit who did this said he had been shooting alot of rounds lately meaning the bastard planned it. I cant get my head around shootings like this… ok its in our nature as humans to kill but to walk into a school and shoot kids thats just cowardly and fucked up. Killing people for no reason is wrong full stop but there is always some fucked idiot who thinks its right but what i cant understand is why dont they fuck off to a war zone and its kill or be killed. But to just kill unarmed random kids ….. how do you do that, what kinda shit goes wrong in you re head to think thats ok. Its like that asshole in Norway a few years back…. that miserable bastard has a nice cell, tv, internet, the works in the prison he is in…..why is he not chained to a fucking wall with a car battery connected to his nuts!!! Have we becone a society that gives too much to the convicted killers who then know that instead of they re crime being punished with a bullet to the back of the head in the basement of the courthouse they ll get a cell which is better than some houses i ve had to pay rent for. Where is the deterrent. Peadofiles once convicted should just be shot….kneel down and back of the head and bill for the bullet sent to they re next of kin. Now leftie trendie scum will say stop peadofile bashing…. fuck that …. some gimp comes to my door and tells me he is a convicted sex offender lets just say im going to invite him in for tea and biscuits and i encourage people to do the same…. who knows ye might get on so well the piece shit might not leave if you know what I mean. 

(Bashed peadofile)

France is set to lower the age of consent to 13 years of age…. ah what the fuck is wrong with these people. I love french women but notice the word …. women….. 13 years old is a child. This comes after french courts refused to prosecute grown men for the rape of two sperate 11 year olds as they  proved  consent . Wtf!!! France is a pretty cool country and i ve been to paris alot but this sickens me …. is the world just filling up with fucking peadofiles trannys and drag queens  ( ok i ve a question why do drag queens put on make up that makes them look like they work in the circus ….is it a case of ” im a man and id make an ugly woman so i may as well go around looking like a circus clown”). We should be protecting kids not putting them in danger… i once more call for the LGBT  to comment.

Marilyn Manson has a new song out called “killme” and guess who he has staring in the video, his good buddy, our friend el Corpsehead johnny depp. I dont know if you ve seen either of these guys but fuck do they look rough, i mean if you want you re kids not to do drugs just show them a picture of these two. I love Marilyn Mansons music but i hate looking at him but back to the video. Not only does it have  El Corpsehead Johnny DEPP in it it is also how do i put this…. kinda creepy rapey. The video starts with 54 year old El Corpsehead Johnny DEPP walking into a hotel room and sees two passed out girls in the bed and he rips back the covers slurrs some words and begins to …. well….fuck them while they unconscious or doped. Its ah one of the most creepiest things i ve ever seen because of how el Corpsehead looks and acts in this video….he makes Harvey Weinstein look like a greek god and a super nice guy. Im thinking the video was made for women who want a turn off because they dont wanna have sex and the old i ve headache aint working because any woman who sees a sweaty greasy fat creepy looking el Corpsehead johnny depp sliding all over these two girls like a rash would instantly turn any woman off….. now the world knows how Amber Heard felt. Personally as a man if i need a turn off ( come on its happeneds to us all …. you are just about to go into a job interview and for no reason you re dick gets rock hard and you could hang a coat off you re suit pants) i personally think of the late paul Daniels ‘s wife  …. Debbie Magee….. yes the thought of debbie magee trying to do anything sexual to me instantly gets rid of a hard on. Thank you Debbie for saving me from some embarrassing moments over the years. Women can now thank el Corpsehead for the same.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..invite you re local peadofile for tea….just remember the bag of lime…

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the beautiful goddess of Indy Car and Nascar…… Danika Patrick

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