Gigi hadid is apparently a racist and seems to not like asia people….why ….. fuck knows …. i love asian women. But good old Gigi has pulled out of the Chinese leg of the Victoria Secret fashion show for no reason and she has been accused of mocking asian people or something….. with so many sick weirdos out there who gives a fuck if she walks on the cat walk or not but i do have a theory on why she cancelled…..shes a member of the Taylor swift std squad and im convinced the gigi has learned how to smile and Taylor swift has layed down the law and said thou shall not smile in the squad. I mean look at them all its pout pout pout, smile and you re out. So obviously Gigi got caught laughing at the stupid head on Ed Sheeran and now must be punished….so no walking around in her knickers in China for Gigi….

Now all the sick stuff that Harvey Weinstein and kevin spacey did is disgusting and i feel sorry for the long list of no bodies who were promised careers for sex but for whatever reason it didnt work out for them. But a group of actresses have gotten together for a round table talk about sexual harassment in the industry. Jennifer Lawrence, emma stone, mary j. Beige, saoirse Rohan and a few i dont know and they all talked about change in the industry. Well first off they  all choose to enter into an industry that is knowingly based on sex and there is rumours all through Hollywood that Jennifer Lawrence would have slept with a goat to get to the top and sent Harvey Weinstein naked pictures of herself so why is she here talking about sexual harassment in the industry when her sending naked pics of herself to  people is sexual harassment but by her. I love saoirse Rohan but what i ll say here is she doesnt do nude scenes and her body double is a 38 year old mother of 3.And as for mary j bliege i didnt even know she acted. Im getting sick of this shit now, terrible abuse goes on world wide daily ( men are sold as slaves legally in Liberia, Somalia and sudan daily…. those that dont sell are shot….but weres the round table talk on that) women sold into sex slavery, child abusers the list goes on and on but because these people are famous they re problems are so much worse…..its not. Sexual harassment is an awful crime but these women made millions from these movies and honestly i only support rose Macgown and Asia Argento. While on this subject ivanka trump came out and said that there is a special place in hell for peadofiles…. how about that for guts. That prick Obama would never have said anything like that because his friends are….mr rape himself bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Just look at Hillary clinton she keeps accusing every other man of sexual harassment but if bill mentioned she says ” that has all been dealt with”… thank fuck they are going to investigate the bitch for the urium one deal….so well done to IVANKA TRUMP for having the balls to say a quite fuck you to dirty rotten peadofiles. I think all sex offerenders who are convicted should be neck shot in the basement of the courthouse and the bill for the bullet sent to they re families. Why waste $70k per year to keep a scumbag like that in prison when a bullet only costs 50 cent.

Take this sick Senator Al franken. He used to be a comedian and chat show host but is just a washed up creep now. While on a USO tour he groped while she asleep Leeann Tweeden whos father and husband are in the military and then  had a photo taken of him groping her that he had put on the offical cd of photos from the trip…. meaning he was proud of the fact that he groped her. What a piece of shit. Luckly there is no stature of limitations on this case and the photo is proof of the assult. It all happened because she spurned him on a kiss he had written for the show. The ex fhm and playboy model who is now a news anchor pushed franken off her as he tried to force kiss her in a rehearsal that she did not want to do. She then told him to never touch her again and there is witnesses to this. The photo was his way of getting back at her. This is a open and shut case and i hope they throw the book at this creep. Just look at him he looks like a miserable bastard. 187 supports all the veterans from iraq and Afghanistan and they re families so well done girl and i hope you nail the fucker for all the women who cant.

Ah what the fuck is wrong with Vienna. Not only did they have the first sex doll brothel but now there is a shop after opening in Vienna to sell the sex dolls/ robots/ fuck sticks…..but get this ….. you can take a test ride. I shit you not….you can go to the show room and ask for a test ride on the doll. What poor fucker has to power wash the dolls afterwards or what if some sick weird cant decide on which doll he wants and fucks em all…..what if you ve to wait…yuk yuk yul yul yuk yuk ” hey jerry will ua power wash doll number 4 cause we had a real sickbweirdo in whobtookva shit on her and i ve a sweating greasy fella waiting to get at her “. Now im going to be totally honest that some women in bed may as well be dolls but they just star fish it ( dont lie ye all know what i mean….you find you re mind wandering to did you change the oil in the car) but least the woman is human…. but fucking a robot doll made of rubber…a  light bulb must come on ….” wait a min im a sick asshole”. What happens if it short circuits does it blow you re balls off or does it come with a usb charging port so it can jerk you off while you watch a guy fucking a sex doll on you’re  pc….this is sick shit, i ve a bit of advice for the weirdos …. if you wanna fuck a piece of rubber buy and old car tyre its alot cheaper than a €4k sex doll and does the same job but i hope all you weirdos out there buy a power washer … ye will need it ye sick fucks.

Harvey Weinstein is getting anger management from two stunning blonde women… story here at all …..i mean all anger management people are stunning beautiful blonde women …. nothing going on at all here…

So until tomorrow guys and gals…. im fucking tired…

( im sorry i dont know what this next image is but harvey Weinstein is ment to have raped it….what ever it is)

Love you all guys and gals 

( sorry we had a spare pic of gigi…shes hot and not a sex doll….)

Heres the sexy undead mummy ……. Sofia Boutella …..

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