“AND A LANDMINE GOES CLICK” The death of 2017….

So that was 2017, how was it for you. Did you get to see Harvey Weinsteins balls or did kevin spacey try and feel you up, he even tried to feel up some fella in a royal family in Europe….. i think house of cards went to his head. Its now sexual harassment to talk to a woman, yes you are reading that right, if you now talk to a woman in public it can be viewed as sexual harassment. In Sweden and germany ( the lands of beautiful women) women are being raped daily by these ” refugees ” and the police do nothing for fear of being deemed racist….but yet if a white guy like me says hello to some crazy bitch at a bus stop it sexual harassment but perfectly ok for a muslim refugee to rape the shit outa her and nothing happens ….that was 2017. Welcome to the new sissy liberal world that wont allow men be men. We now have dresses for men ( thank you will smiths son) men going getting the dicks cut off to be called jane ( although 75% of trannys said they wished they hadn’t done the operation) and now if you aint got a bit of gayness in you well you re a nazi and then enter ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER…everyone is looking around corners looking for a devil so they can have 5 min of fame ” look i found one” …when its them who are the nazis and perverts ….oh and dont all lives matter). So we come to President TRUMP. Probably the best president America has ever had and Melina has been voted most popular person in America….while obama has disappeared  ( thank fuck) and well …. Hillary Clinton and Bill are just trying to stay out of prison. “G” this is the last time i ll referance you but how fucking stupid do you feel now.

For “187” it was a year of complete sucess from one point as we helped over 1200 people with issues but on the other hand we lost 5 members.  4 have they re shit in the breeze and one died. We wont name or give details of what happened but he saved a life at the cost of his own….we salute you. This is what we ve been trying to tell you in 2017 that the war isnt in some far away land fought by nutters its on you re door step and its up to you to choose you re side. Nail you re colours to the mast and sink or sail with that ship. 187 is getting stronger and we have some suprises in 2018.

Yes there is massive news happening alover the world, people being shot, google blocking an election dude in russia, syria, slaves …..but most importantly….. they may stop publishing playboy magazine. This is an emergency. Since the good old pervert himself hugh died some company has been trying to buy out playboy and make it more into a lifestyle kinda thing than a magazine  ( in other words high class hookers) but we ve all grown up with playboy magazines  both men and women ( there is no way that you  can tell me that straight women dont look at the model bodies too) Rosanna Davidson was my favourite…. i mean where else will we see her naked.  The new guys who seem to own it want to push hard in  china ( push hard….hahaha) but thats fucking china …. if i say hello to a girl here im arrested but in china they have playboy clubs thats fucked up. Please dont kill playboy magazine….

So dumb ass prince harry is getting married to the biggest bunny boiler on the planet and is happy about it. I ve no idea where he found the auld bitch or care but the royal family are mad rushing to pay for a wedding….why ….. well i think shes his beard and well …..good old harry could well bat for the other team….we ll watch and wait ( well we wont really because who cares).

Saoirse ronan did SNL and the little bitch decided it would be great fun to mock Ireland. The whole crew of SNL at the mo ( who are fucking shite by the way) mocked Ireland with jokes that were so old it was like wiping your arse with sand paper. And who was her special guest…..Bono and u2 … ah come on Ireland is a modern E.U. state and a kid and a fucking moron is what the world thinks of us. What it felt like was as if saoirse Rohan was saying ” look im one of you im not irish anymore” well luv all you got now is a pair of ugly legs and friends like bono who would steal the paper off a homeless dudes arse… i hope the price of best actress  award was worth it….oh did Harvey show you his balls too. Hey saoirse…..fuck you and dont ever come back to Ireland we dont want you so stay where ever the fuck you are.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… landmines dont go click….they just go boom….remember that


Love you all guys and gals ….. except saoirse Rohan fuck u

Heres the atomic blonde…… Charlize Theron

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