Meryl Streep  ( yes she is still alive) has said that when Dustin Hoffman slapped her in the movie ” Kramer vs Kramer” back in nineteen seventy whenever was ” “overslapping”. What!!! Its acting and why wait 40 years to complain about it. Dustin Hoffman who is almost 90 is now the target of the liberal bullshit campaign which Merly is queen bee in ( she referred to Harvey Weinstein as god in one of her oscar speechs and was an open Hillary supporter during the election who if elected you would have heard jack shit about Harvey Weinstein because he used to hold Bills willy while he was chief protectionist  in the white house showing dirty movies to bill) but 40 years later…. who gives a shit. Its just another washed up auld actress jumping on whatever bandwagon is popular at the moment to show im alive. If you wanna know about over slapping in a movie how bout this Merly….. Maureen o Hara slapped John Wayne in the movie ” the quite man” and she hit him so hard in the scene that she broke her wrist…..she didnt complain and john wayne laughed about it and said she got him good…..anyone starting to see the sissy shithole Hollywood is now becoming….burn Hollywood burn.

Right lets address this book that has come put about President TRUMP and TRUMP Tower. Ah the guy who wrote it if you look up a bio on him …. he has been sued loads of times for making up quotes or changing quotes to suit himself or a story.  He Is classed as an untrustworthy reporter and cant hold a job….. but once you pen lies they need to be addressed, thats why President TRUMPs legal team are trying to decide what to sue the bastard on…..there is so many options because most of the book is fiction. Yes there might be an element of truth in interviews as in “hello how are you” the rest he makes up. President TRUMP will win the lawsuits but some stupid lefty will be whining about this book in ten years time as a cover up…..the only cover up going on is how the fuck  is hilary not in jail. Also this bullshit about comparing the size of President TRUMPs willy to that of the north Korea tool box fuckhead because he said he had a bigger red button….ah fuck off…the people who are calling that a sexist remark are the same fucking dickheads who say its sexual harassment to talk to a woman. Maybe i should take out my red button  and show that to a woman….better than being arrested for saying hello……you sickos im on about the red button on my phone.

A couple committed suicide on a greek island except it was all satanic ritual stuff. This is freaky because the girl ( Bulgarian 23) had been missing a month and was found with a German man ( 30) dead in a guest house on a small greek island. It seems he stabbed her and then himself. The house was filled satanic stuff like black candles a pigs head and decodes of the satanic bible. Now i dont care what you believe in but this is scary stuff. If you read up on history of magic about 100 years ago there was a huge boom in this kinda stuff. Where does the line of belief and mental illness be defined. I dont know and that scares me. Also the book of exorcism has been translated into english for the first time….what do u make of that.

In Bangkok it seems that the latest fad is to have you re penis whitened….ah what…. yes whitened. I dont get this one because its the land of the ladyboy…..why would you want to whiten you re dick. There is a clinic that specialises in skin whitening and they are getting over  100 men per month….. to get they re dicks made whiter. What a fucking stupud idea

I think this priceless ….. in a  Brooklyn high school a disbanded cheerleading squad beat the shit out of the other teams cheerleaders…. why….who fucking cares how cool would it be to at that match and the cheerleaders start beatinh the shit outa each other….id love it. I have to say well done to these girls they were told no you cant be cheerleaders so they took the 187 attitude and said fuck you and left it all on the side line. There is one poor  security guard trying to stop the teenagers  fighting  but its like try to eat soup with a fork. Well done girl s” kill em all sort em out”. Its all on youtube  if you wanna see it

Davina McCall has been texting the rock ( is he gay….just asking) i dont know what to really make of them getting together because he looks like a steroid freak and she looks like death. Its like the undertakers wife Michelle McCool….she was stunning and just so sexy then she marries him and drops to bout 6 stone. Why do wonen think we find a bag of bones sexy…..we dont ….. us real men find women sexy for the overall package….fun to hang out with… intellient…. good looking ( everyone finds different people sexy)….everything. so davina macalls new body is unsexy and from what i garther she is not a nice person either…. the rock is just ….. well… washed up really. I mean if you are going to the movies and you see a poster with the rock in the movie if ur over 10 i think that movie would be moved to bottem of the list and you may well go home.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. watch out for cheerleaders 

Love you all guys and gals 

And here she is ….. princess bunny boiler herself, the nutter who grabbed the dumbest fucker on the planet…..but we still love her cause lets face it who dont like craxy women …. the one the only….the sexy….Meghan Markle 

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