Ok so i go away for a few weeks and the world starts to lose its head. Oprah Winfrey are you fucking kidding me with Michelle Obama as a running mate…..a rapists pimp and a chick with a dick!!!! I was watching ” inglorious bastards” the other day and all of Quentin Tarantino’s are made by Miramax ( WEINSTEIN company) ….. why didnt anyone say or do something. Everyone must have know what Harvey Weinstein was doing to these girls but looked away. A limo driver came out about a week ago and was then backed up by others that he would pick up Harvey Weinstein….. so there they are good old Harvey and the limo driver off crusiseing off to work. ” wait a second” Harvey cries “i ve gotta pick up a girl on the way” so they pull over and pick up this stunning small 120lb blonde that the limo driver knows from tv. Harvey gives her the usual hello and how are you and thanks her for meeting this way….and then pounces like a cat and forces the 120lb girls legs behind her ears and rapes her ( she has no chance with the strength and bulk of Harvey Weinstein on her  as he weighs  near 300lbs) when he is finished he tells the sobing girl to tidy herself up before throwing her out of the limo. Shes just had her first harvey Weinstein business meeting but harvey is just getting started…. according to the limo driver he would have to pick up a few more girls on these “business meeting” trips. So why am i dragging this up, Oprah Winfrey has acted as a buffer to get young girls for Harvey Weinstein to rape….. shes nothing but a fucking pimp. Thats who is coming out as a supporter of women. And dont give me this shit about the golden globes where it is cut to all these washed up celebrities who wore black and brought antifa members ( a registered terrorist group) as dates to the golden globes nodding like fucking slaves to Oprah fucking Winfrey as if she was god. Why havent they learned….. Hollywood is dead and so are these celebrities. The power, the glitz, the lights is just gone…. great movies are being made alover the world without $200 million budgets. Thats where that stupid asshole Corey Feldman is stuck, first off no one cares who diddled him up the ass 30 years ago, he is still thinking that mega budgets are needed so he has started another ” go fuck( i mean fund) me” campaign for more money, has he shame. He is just an embarrassment to sexual abuse victims now. Ah i could write a would book on why Oprah Winfrey would be a fucking stupid president be i dont need too ….. do a little digging and you ll see what kinda of monster she is and you ll begin to see why hollywood is dead.

Now im going to deal with this quickly. President TRUMP has done more in one year than Obama did in 8. Jobs are up, the dowl jones is up the economy is at record growth but still stupid scream at the sky liberals wanna bring him down ( Oprah Winfrey….. dear god). He didnt call those countries shitholes but he should have because they fucking are and if he nailed a porn star more power to him id vote for him twice for that alone. I mean if it was Obama having a porn star it would be a lady boy….. but President TRUMP didnt do this either …… how do i know….simple …. the guy is a clean freak i mean obsessive so thrust me ( i ve ocd) anyone with a phobia or ocd issues with being clean will not go to bed with a porn star. How fucking stupid do the Hilary supporters think we are….. the mad auld witch lost the election deal with it and fuck off. And i mean that with all niceness…. but do fuck off. Now the news i guess. 

Im a big plane head so this has me a bit worried. Brithish typhoon aircraft had to escort a pair of Russian blackjack bombers over the north sea as they almost passed over brithish air space as did Belgian and Norwegian fighters as the Blackjacks flew back over the artic and on to russian air space. Blackjacks are fucking serious bombers , they are supersonic on the deck and can nuke the fuck out of a place before  you even knew they were on they re way. I have to respect what Putin is doing ,this how you rattle people…. but why. Watch this space.

Just as im writing this i have just heard on the radio that Dolores o’Riordan has died in london. The crannberries lead singer might have been as rough as a bears arse and well alot of her music sucked but still the world needed people like her. She made interviews interesting by not having a clue what she was on about and drank like a fish… but we ll miss her. Our thpughts are with her family.

The pope has warned that the world is one step away from nuclear war. He gave this address to the press on the papal plane. Right let me put this another way…… does the pope have nuclear weapons…. no….. so shut the fuck up.

Can you believe its been 20 years since Bill Clinton didnt have sexual relations with that woman. 20 years ….. just think of all the people wild willy bill and Hillary have raped since then. Yep its 20 years since intern monica lewinsky  sucked bill off while he said bomb the shit outa Kosovo on the phone. Time flew by didnt it. Where are they now…..well Bill is a reanimated corpse….monica is fat….linda whatever sells Christmas decorations….Starr cant even manage to be President of a school… and im still not sure if Paula Jones is a man…..hmm not much has changed has it.

From reading over all the headlines world wide all im seeing is nonsense and reasons why 187 is needed more than ever. Mohammed is now the most popular name in the Netherlands…. political ideals stopping kids getting into college…. celebrities trying to tell you what to do….. sexual abuse on a massive scale but yet we only address stupid issues like its harressment to say hello to a girl while women raped openly in Sweden…. what im seeing is a dumbing down, a slight of hand so to speak, where the world is being dazzled with the right hand but robbed with the left. What im trying to say is look into everything and then nail you re colours to to mast and sink or sail with you re ship because there is too much whitewashing of important issues going on.

Finally no i haven’t forgot and i wont shut up, Saoirse ronan i fucking hate you. I dont give a fuck about some stupid golden globe….. you mocked ireland with that prick bono. How dare you …. you want ireland to love you but want to show america that you are now American by mocking you re home country. You re jokes on SNL were so dated about ireland… we re a modern-day European nation and you with that crowd of unfunny fuck heads decide to mock us with misconceptions of ireland that might have been funny ah let me see ….. before you were born bitch. Ireland does not want you back Saoirse….just like we dont want bono…  yes there is a few auld ” i just met” people who think you re great but Saoirse to the rest of us you are just a bad actress who is getting her turn in Hollywood and no matter how hard you try  you ll always have the legs of a woman who is used to stepping over bullshit….dont come back to ireland ever….and do something with those knees…bitch.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…… R.I.P  Dolores o’Riordan 

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres a girl who is now ruin by the ginger curse…… the long legged goddess Taylor Swift 


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