Everyone in Hollywood has been touched up now, I guess you re not in the club if you havent been touched up or harressed. Like take poor Katy Perry, she hosted the mtv thing ( which she was shit at) and to cheer her up Ellen Degenerus sent her a text to the tune of ” you looked great tonight well done” ….. poor katy Perry came out and said that she was upset over the sexual harassment from Ellen abput her looking good …..ah one text message luv is not harassment . Or Adam Sandler who was on the Graham  norton show and while laughing at a joke with an actress beside him he put his hand on her knee by accident. He ment nothing by it…. the actress didnt take offence but twitter slated him as a sexually predator….fuck off it was an accident and no one was offended . Even here in the Rep of ireland ex miss world Rosanna Davidson said she was sexually harassed by an older man but her father Chris de Burgh saved her. Are you kidding if Chris de Burgh tried to get thick with you, you would die laughing at the miserable little midget. There is no way a woman that beautiful came from his gene pool….she must be adopted. Now Dustin Hoffman is ment to have touched up something in 1973 and aload of other people have be touched up too. What truely sickens me is this Corey Feldman  $10 million bullshit. If he turely has names that are still active today then everyday he says nothing the abuse continues.

Lets have another look at Corey Feldman, while watching interviews he has be doing lately  he was wearing custom made clothes …. im big into clothes and the cost of one suit must have been near $10k. Ok maybe he got it in a charity shop lets move on to the the documentary that he needs $10 million for…. well now its going to be a feature film based on real events in other words whats to say its not all fiction. Then there is his band ” Corey Feldman and the angels” guess what the angels are… all stunning women in skimpy outfits. And Corey Feldman wears custom hooded clothes at gigs  that cost a fortune and looks like a creep. He has said there is a conspiracy against him because his “angels” have left and someone tried to kill him. Well ” the angels” left because Corey Feldman is a talentless singer songwriter and they didnt want to be associated with the long scam he is doing nor did they want to work with a guy who is living in the past. As for the treat on his life….ah well a car drove a bit close to him…thats it nothing more. This guy wants $10 million to name names, he is blackmailing you the ordinary people and the real people who are still being abused are being swept under carpet because this fuck head is stealing all the attention. If something happened to him 30 years ago its horrible but as i ve said before put up or shut up. Come out with the names now Corey Feldman or just fuck off and look in the mirror to see the failed actor you are.

ISIS have claimed they are proud of the New york attacker and had planned it for weeks! He must be the fucking most stupid fucking refugee shithead terrorist in the world if it took the miserable bastard weeks to plan this attack….rent a truck and drive into people how fucking hard is that ….. only a bunch of coward donkey raping shit eaters like ISIS and this tool could take weeks to plan this. By now everyone knows what happened and that he was another fucking illegal immigrant in America since 2010, quite happy to take American money and then attack America. But there is good news …. ISIS must be on they re last legs if they had to use this muppet, guess what guns he brought with him….a pellet gun and a paint ball gun, yes you are not reading that wrong he is that fucking stupid. You can just picture this guy at terrorist school….he was probably bullied by the female terrorists in berkas. So this donkey raping shit eater who has killed 8 real people and injured 13 real people ( im sorry i cant class scum like this guy as a real person) was shot in the stomach and is now in hospital……i hope you burn in hell fucker. From all here at 187 our prayers are with families of those killed and injured especially the family of the injured child we all hope and pray for the childs recovery and all those injured……this attack will not go unpunished 

ANTIFA were on the march last night in they re black hoods and uniforms  ( who gives them this shit) . They re within they re right to march but its what they are saying that is worring ….one thing in particular ” no peado bashing”….what the fuck!!! Antifa want you to embrace you’re local peadofile, im serious!!! One of the main sponsors of Antifa is NAMBLA ( North American man boy love association) im not making that up, they just got a seat at the UN!!!! They re first proposed act is that a man of any age can come to you re door and ask you re 5 year old son or daughter out on a date and if the child shows interest legally you cant stop him ( of course you are going to stop it but its you going to jail not the sick weirdo pervert…so did the hole deep) …. this is what ANTIFA is about. Please dont you lefty fucks or liberal democrat scum try and defend this. Also Antifa have said its racist to use skin cream if you re white….right!!! Well I am a white, Irish, European, male ( who uses skin cream) I dont hate anyone or look down on any religion or race unless they do something to me….I would rather live with men than fight them but ANTIFA….come on fuck with me I dare you. 187 is everywhere so  i dont think ” no peado bashing” will work for you….trust me.

So kevin spacey has loads more of nobodies saying he touched them….ah fuck it i dont care but whats pissing me off is ” house of cards” is now cancelled. Come on….that show is brillent and one my favourites… well fuck it anyway. Before you throw kevin spacey completely under the bus think of this…. his father used to dress up as a nazi officer march around the house preaching the bible then rape kiven spacey and his older brother then make them do things to each other all while his mother covered her head upstairs with a pillow pretending not to hear. What kevin spacey has done is awful but he is also a victim. This is why im so hard on Corey Feldman because if he knows people doing this kinfa shit each day he stays silent another child is hurt and abused.

So until tomorrow guys and gals …. no witty comment because this blog was hard to write..

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the beautiful……. Maria Bello

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