” how do the angels get to sleep, when the devil leaves his porche light on” :THE REAL COREY FELDMAN AND WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN HOLLYWOOD…..

Do I believe Corey Feldman….. well it doesn’t really matter if I believe him or not but I do believe he is a miserable bastard. This looking for $10million  to make a feature film based on real events ( in other words fiction based on real events) is just nonsense because no matter what amount of money is donated he gets to keep it weather he makes a movie or not. He did come out and name 5 people that he claims touched his todger 30 years ago ….. one has been convicted so many times its a joke oh and he is missing and the other 4 were all outed and convicted from a documentary called ” open secret”….. so its very clever on Feldman’s part to name people who are already named. He decided to name these people after he got owned on a morning chat show where the host contacted the people and found so many holes in his story you could drive a lorry through it. Heres something you may not know, Corey Feldman watched as Corey Heams was raped and screaming for help….and he did nothing, no names, no going to the police no nothing all because he knew if he did his Hollywood lifestyle would be gone. He didnt give a shit about the other Corey being raped he thought of himself and all those pictures that would nt have been taken of him had he said something…..thays a scumbag.

Now lets loom at his band ” Corey Feldman and the angels ” the angels being stunning models who play gigs in skimpy outfits while corey Feldman wears some kinda hooded thing that is ment to make him look like Hugh Heffner but instead of looking like a fucking dirty old pervert Corey Feldman comes across as a fucking creep. The kina guy if you caught talking to you re girlfriend you would put in hospital.  He also claimed that he was almost killed but two weeks later the story changed to that the lorries that he said tried to kill him really tried to kill the 6 people across the street….what!!! Then we come to his arrest, which broke in the media as he was arrested for procession of marijuana…well thats kinda true….yes he was arrested for 2lbs of marijuana but also driving on a suspended licence and that ” the angels” all had prescription drugs out of they re prescription bottles meaning in bags bought  illegally….oxicotton and other opiates. What happened well nothing money changed hands and Corey Feldman and the angels were back on the road within a few hours.

While with him saying he needs $10million to make a movie and protection from ” star wackers ” we enter the world of nobodies favourite actor Randy Quaid. Yes both he and corey Feldman claim that star wackers are after them….one problem dont you need to be a star first which neither of these two tools are. Randy Quaid claims that 53 years ago he was raped when he was 14 and said nothing. He also says that he knows the same peadofile ring as Corey Feldman. If so he is another piece shit because he like Corey Feldman he is allowing this peadofile ring to continue to abuse children while Quaid and Feldman wait to get paid to name the people involved. Filty to try make money off children’s  misery.

But look at the entertainment industry now …..everyone has been touched up. At this rate having a wank will be classed as sexual abuse against yourself. But lets look at Hollywood, movies nearly always have a sex scene so if yer mans willy accidentally touchs her leg is that sexual abuse.  What about ” 50 shades darker” i watched 10 min of it  last night ….yer man tied up Dakota Johnson slapped the arse off her , then ripped her knickers off and fucked her…..how is that art and not abuse …is it because its on film or because they are getting paid. Bit isnt that what Harvey Weinstein did when the actresses signed the contracts. To be honest I say fuck all of them because there is nameless kids being abused across the world day after day and they dont have the luxury of tv shows to tell they re story that is happening now instead of 30 fucking years ago…..plus what difference will it make to my life to know who played with Corey Feldman’s willy ( corey Feldman claims he slept in the same bed as a child with micheal jackson …. the only guy to pay a $20 million settlement to child abuse accusers…..but nothing happened in bed with micheal jackson….right). Every zed lister is coming out and saying they were touched up over ten years ago….why 10 years… statute of limitations meaning a crime can only be prosecuted within 10 years of it happening so after 10 years you can name anyone you want because nothing will happen….. so all this celebrity sex bullshit just sickens me and looking for money for it just makes it worse. Just check out any of “Corey Feldman and the angels ” videos and you ll have another view of him. I say burn Hollywood burn and take all the scum sucking leeches with it. If you want to help sexual abuse victims help the nameless the ordinary people the people who have no $10k suits and no voice….thats what we do at 187….so if you re a peadofile watch out we dont offer hugs and we aint Antifa you fucking filty animals.

So until tomorrow guys and gals … tomorrow we ‘ll rise so lets fight today…

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the stunning badass beauty ….. Gina Carano

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