I dont get it, i cant wrap my head around it…. what makes a guy walk into a church and pump round after round into the people in the church…..why …..what goes wrong in a guys head that he feels the need to do this. 26 dead and 20 wounded. He walked into the church started firing and when he reached the alter turned around and started firing again as he walked out. Luckly some guy in the church was armed and shot the asshole who was wearing combat gear. But he got into his car and drove away but was found dead a few miles away. I can understand wanting to kill you’re husband or wife but complete strangers …. i dont get it.

This lunatic was dishorourbley  discharged from the air force for beating his wife and child then doing some kinda mad shit on base that got him 12 months in miltary prison. He was based in new Mexico doing logistics meaning he was a spook or at  the very least had access to spook information. But when he gets out of the air force he basically becomes a model citizen, he even goes to prisons to play music for the prisoners. So what pushed him over the edge to go on a shooting rampage….fuck knows. So what will be the fall out of this, the lefty fucks will say give up the guns and the right will say they need more guns. But this is the thing, guns and bullets never killed anyone ….. people kill people. Instead of fucking around with gun laws America should be looking at better mental health programs in order to try and spot these fucking assholes before they go on a shooting rampages. Our prayers go out to the families of those involved in this awful shooting and all of 187 is saddened that such a horrible thing has happened….

So is there anyone kevin spacey hasn’t touched up….at this rate he must have seen more cock than a whore house a low tide. Another bunch of male nobodies came out over the weekend saying he touched them up…. ah so fucking what, i mean these fucking idiots live in Hollywood… if they want to hear horror stories talk to a girl who has been trafficked forced to become a drug addict, raped…. repeatedly and forced into prostitution with a life expectancy of 18 months….so fuck corey Feldman, kevin spacey, harvey Weinstein and all the people involved because they all know of the peadofile rings and wont say anything but have made millions from the entertainment industry…… burn Hollywood burn 

While everyone is whineing about Hollywood, IVANKA TRUMP was in japan ahead of her father PRESIDENT TRUMP’S visit. What i find cool about her visit is that the prime minister of japan insisted on her bodyguard being made up of all female riot police. Think about this in japan women are on the front line of riots and putting they re lives on the line to protect someone else but in Hollywood if you tell a girl she looks good you re suddenly a sexual predator. Yes there is women out there being assaulted and harressed but these stupid celebrities are taking away from those who really need help. I say well done Japan and i wouldn’t fuck with these bad ass bitches.

El Corpsehead Johnny Depp is still alive …. well kinda. At the premier of “murder on the orient express ” last night he could nt talk or stand and forgot who directed the movie. This guy is a fucking shithead. Millions of dollars wasted over the years on crap ( now some people will say he had a good time….if having a good time makes you end up looking like el Corpsehead fuck it i ll take hardship) so what about the movie ….. is it any good…. what the fuck do you think….el Corpsehead is in it what more can i say.

Finally just as im ready to post it turns out that the guy who did the shooting was trying to kill his in laws….for fuck sake there is easier ways to kill you re in laws. Also the so called ” paradise papers” on tax havens have named some serious tax cheats….Bono being one. Finally i hope someone nails this bastard because his charity only gives 1.3% of donations to help people.

Heres Michelle phiffer from last nights premier 

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. kevin spacey touched up himself too you know

Love you all guys and gals 

Heres the irish beauty that is really making a name for herself…… Ruth Negga

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